Ola Youngstar

Wooing girl in Cyprus inspired my single — Singer

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A budding singer, Oladipo Uluyo, aka Ola Youngstar, has stated that his latest single, ‘Deborah’, was inspired by a time when he was trying to woo a girl called Deborah.

He told Saturday Beats, “I studied Business Administration at the Cyprus International University. While there, I met a girl named Deborah in class. She had a best friend called Monica, who liked me. But, I really liked Deborah, so I asked her if she could be my girlfriend. That was what inspired the song.”

Recalling how he started his career, the singer said, “I actually started singing when I was six years old.

“However, I was officially signed to Good Music in Cyprus in 2013, and that was when I released my first single titled, ‘Roll It’.

The singer, who defines his sound as afropop, stated that one of the earliest challenges he faced in the early days of his career had to do with funding.

Asked what he aims to achieve with his career, he said, “I constantly pray to God to give me the power to take my music to next level. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and I believe so much in mine.”

On the changes he would like to see in the music industry, he said, “I believe things should be made easier for up-and-coming artistes. We hardly get support from A-list artists.”

The artiste also noted that his parents had always been in support of his music career. He said, “They have always supported me, even in difficult times. They are always praying and wishing for the best for me.”

He also stated that while in schooling in Cyprus, he, like other black people in that country, faced discrimination. He said, “It was really tough for black people to survive there. They don’t like black people, especially Nigerians. They are envious of us. They believe we know too much and that we do things they can’t do.”


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