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Why free concert is not sustainable – Gospel artiste

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A gospel musician, Gbenga Adenuga, has explained why free concerts are not sustainable for artiste in the country.

He said sustaining a top-notch concert that would meet fans expectation was capital intensive, hence putting up such would require sponsors.

The creative singer maintained that while he had delved into a free concerts in the past, he had realised he need support from friend, family and big brands for its viability.

“Well, I am taking a dive into this idea of free concerts again. In the past years sustainability was a big challenge because the sessions are quite expensive to run. Also, I did not like talking to people about money but I am more mature now so I will ask friends and fans to support me.

“Also, we will be talking to brands, the last time we did in Lagos we had MTN sponsoring. We look forward to corporate collaborations as we will endeavour to do this as excellently as we can,” the gospel singer said in an interview.

Speaking on wether gospel musicians should charge for shows, he said, “Well, I think that everyone will have to deal with this as a personal thing. I also don’t think there is a debate on that. For me and for a lot of people I know it depends on many things really- relationship, the platform, nature of the gig and a few other interests.

“Sometimes I charge sometimes I do not. In recent times I have been doing free gigs. But really, I think whenever a professional is being asked to provide a service, at least the cost of engagement should be covered and a gift should be put on top of it.

On his ‘worship ways’ concert billed for Sunday (tomorrow), Adenuga said the concert had been a movement influencing mindsets.

He said, “Yes, we come together to interact, sing and worship. As we do that we come in touch with grace and our lives are changed. The focus of worship ways has always been to expose us to grace in God’s presence to light up our path. We have testimonies from the many years of doing worship ways in Ibadan. Worship ways open your inner eyes. Greatness is demystified.”


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