Atiku Abubakar.

Tone down your rhetoric, pro-Atiku group tells opposition

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The presidential ambition of Atiku Abubakar in the 2023 election received a boost on Tuesday with the formal unveiling of a support group of professionals in various disciplines to actualise his dream.

The professionals, under the aegis of Professionals For Atiku, cut across careers including, medicine, finance, commerce, architecture, engineering, aviation, agriculture, environment, foreign affairs, the academia, ICT, law, entertainment, sports administration, media and real estate.

During the unveiling of the organisation in Abuja, the National Coordinator of PFA, Charles Ojugbana and Convener, Hajiya Ogugua Agagbo, represented by its National Secretary, Muhammad Kamaludeen Nasir, called on political parties and candidates participating in the 2023 elections to tone down their rhetoric.

Ojugbana said that the PFA would love to see issue-based campaigns in rallies and even in social media, adding that Nigerian politics must be like any other sport where there would be winners and losers. 

He said, “As the 2023 general election approaches, PFA implores all political parties and candidates alike to tone down the rhetoric in order not to inadvertently incite supporters across the divide. We would love to see issue-based campaigns in rallies and even on social media. Nigerian politics must be like any other sports where there will always be winners and losers.”

According to him, losing elections should never be seen as a failure, adding that it should rather be an opportunity to seek triumph next time around. 

He said, “We must all remember that every time we win. Simply put, those who hate to lose, do not deserve to win?”

Ojugbana said that it was pertinent to remind Nigerians that the country had struggled through history to deliver the true fruits of good governance to its people. 

“From the colonial era down to independence to the civil war and even in this democratic dispensation, our history is replete with numerous failed attempts at getting it it right,” he said, adding that this borders on age-long challenges of ethnicity, religious intolerance, marginalisation and a deficit in equity, fair-play and justice.

He said that although other professionals were to be blamed, a great part of the blame should actually be apportioned to professionals and elites.

“It is true that most Nigerian professionals, despite their sterling qualities and special skills, find it convenient to remain aloof on matters of state. They, however, are usually the first to bitterly complain about the conduct of politicians and broken governance systems,” he said.

Ojugbana implored all other professionals and affiliates of like minds, as every other true Nigerian patriots, to waste no further time in joining hands to deliver Atiku to a nation that deserved nothing less.

Agagbo said by sticking on an issues-based campaign, it would be very easy for PFA “to go high when our opponents stoop low.”

She said, “Like Atiku Abubakar, let us be civil and courteous, lets exude confidence without being arrogant. Go ye all therefore and successfully announce to Nigerians that Atiku is Coming!

“The democratic credentials of Atiku Abubakar has never been questioned. His love for country and excellence is also well documented as a lover of education, youths and sports, our candidate is poised to galvanise and lead Nigeria to the path of progress and prosperity.

“I am aware that all of you doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, farmers, teachers, agronomists, business entrepreneurs, market women, students, diplomats, experts in environment, entertainment, sports and the media are drawn to the candidature of Atiku Abubakar because beyond his glaring competence, he is above all a man of peace.

“Please be mindful that enemies of our country who are already threatened by the popularity and stature of our candidate may do everything to provoke and derail your focus and lofty objectives. My advice is to borrow a leaf from our principal Atiku Abubakar and practise politics without bitterness.

“Name-calling and the assassination of the character of our opponents has no place in our campaigns. Remain focused on Atiku’s five-point agenda and the immense benefits Nigerians stand to gain from them. Drive and deepen the conversation on only the issues that will add value and dignity to the common man in our society.


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