The NYSC scheme & it’s administrative failure.

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How many percent of military activity does NYSC program have that the government keeps appointing military officers as it’s administrative heads, when a civilian president becomes commander in chief of the armed forces upon swearing in? Poor management experienced in the scheme is attributable to the fact that social integration, culture assimilation, skill acquisition and human development aspect that is more than 90% of the scheme’s activity, which requires a competent civilian administrator is managed by a military officer, appointed on sentiment basis.
Why are army officer usually appointed as Director Generals of the Scheme to the exclusion of Air force and Navy officers? Are there legal provisions or an Acts that provides for perennial appointment of the Army or military as Director General of the Scheme? If NYSC demands leadership that is creative, innovative and entrepreneurial, do the military possesses these attributes more than the civilian; more so that the army appeared to have done their best and seems exhausted? Now that Nigeria is under democracy or civil rule, is it still right to continue with the tradition of appointing army officer to head the Scheme taking clue from similar services elsewhere that have civilian heads?

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