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Surprise evictions, bonding as BBN enters seventh week

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OGHENOVO EGODO-MICHAEL chronicles activities in the sixth week of the ongoing season seven of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show

Day 37: Fake housemate, Modella, evicted

One of the most controversial housemates in the game, Amaka, also got emotional as gossip about her friend, Phyna’s relationship with another contestant, Groovy, made the rounds. Meanwhile, Amaka was not the only one caught in this web as Eloswag demanded an explanation as to the source of the unsolicited information. Chomzy accused Amaka of starting the rumour, and that apparently got to the latter, as she sobbed in the bedroom, with concerns that Phyna would no longer trust her (Amaka).

Also, a fake housemate, Modella, was evicted, to her surprise and that of other contestants.

In a conversation with Dotun, Daniella also confessed that she was scared of getting involved in a ship (relationship) with him because she did not want to be slut-shamed.

Day 38: Dotun wins HOH, Amaka ejected

Housemates had an interesting conversation on different topics. Later on, Big Brother instructed all the housemates to make a special nomination of two housemates for possible eviction. Amaka and Doyin were the most nominated. This led to Amaka’s immediate eviction from the show.

For the HOH games, Dotun beat ChiChi, Phyna and Adekunle to bag the Head of House title for the week. He picked Daniella to be his deputy and living partner.

Day 39: Level Up clowns

Following their loss in the HOH games the previous day, Sheggz and Allyson became the ‘tails of the house’. As a result, Big Brother provided a box of clown costumes for the two, instructing housemates to dress them as clowns every day throughout the week.

The housemates took much time to process the shocking eviction of Amaka. Phyna cried her eyes out, while Allyson revealed that her emotions were all over the place.

Day 40: Sinking Ship

Allyson’s biggest problem since she started a ship with Hermes has been his lifestyle outside the house. Recall that he is said to have two girlfriends who know about each other.

In a chat with another housemate, Allyson expressed regret about getting herself in a such situation, while stating that there was a low possibility of their ‘ship’ sailing outside the house. On Hermes part, he told Allyson that he understood her feelings and was majorly concerned about her happiness.

Cleaning became a major issue in the house. Rachel accused Chichi of exempting herself from cleaning of the house, while Hermes lamented that an unknown person had messed up the kitchen.

Day 41: Team Bitcoin wins task

Housemates participated in the Quidax task, with ‘Team Bitcoin’ emerging the winner. Daniella, Hermes and Allyson were members of the winning team and they talked about inflation.

It was also another day for housemates to have fun as they had their weekly pool party. As usual, they wasted no time in rocking the party, as the housemates buried their worries beneath the fun.

BBN Day 42: Daniella’s dilemma

Daniella was worried about her relationship with Dotun. In her diary session with Big Brother, she said that she regretted not setting boundaries with Dotun.

Also, she informed Allyson, whom she recently made her best friend, about her regret. Later on, she told Dotun that she needed some space and they have both been keeping a distance. However, viewers are keen on seeing how long this would last.

For their wager task, the housemates organised a comic play which dwelt on persistence.

Day 43: Team Ayra wins Pepsi task

Sheggz and Bella’s ship seemed to be having some issues. Sheggz told Bella that she disrespected him but he did not give her any tangible reason he made the claim.

On her part, Bella told him that he should stop threatening that he would end their relationship anytime they have an altercation.

For the Saturday night tasks, the housemates had a fashion show and musical performance. Bryan, Chichi and Deji, who were in Team Ayra, emerged winners of the task.

The housemates later had an exciting time at the Saturday night party.


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