Restructuring debate: Okotie ready to face presidential candidates

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The Founder of Household of God Church, Reverend Chris Okotie, has declared Jos readiness to debate with presidential candidates on the issue of restructuring.

In a statement by Okotie’s spokesman, Ladi Ayodeji said his principal has expressed his desire to debate the presidential candidates on the imperatives of changing the structure of the Nigerian federation.

The former presidential candidate has been at the forefront of a campaign for restructuring, where he called for interim government.

According to the spokesman, Okotie believes that the Presidential candidates owe Nigerians an explanation of what they intend to do about restructuring, which is a new political direction and philosophy of government for the country.

Okotie has said on several media platforms that to continue with the present transition is “to embrace an elusive phantom”, adding that the presidential system is a terminological deceit.

He rejects what he calls the adhoc approach of the all the ptesidential candidates to restructuring, which he said, merely scratched the surface.

“Aboriginal democracy is the holistic approach to the recreation of a workable system, that incorporates all our political, cultural and economic realities under the prevailing circumstances,” Okotie argued.

The interim government campaigner said that the level of restructuring Nigeria needs went beyond devolution of power and fiscal federalism, adding that nothing short of a new constitution based on his proposition would do the magic.


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