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Relatives of ‘one-way’ drivers’ victims justify vehicle auction

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Nigerians have taken to social media to justify the action of the Lagos State Task Force on traffic offenders that auctioned 134 impounded vehicles on Thursday, September 15, 2022.

The taskforce spokesperson, Gbadeyan Abdulraheem, had said the auction was carried out in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

Abdulraheem added that the vehicles were seized for various traffic offences ranging from driving against traffic otherwise known as on “one-way” to wilful obstruction of traffic flow across various parts of the state.

He continued that the exercise was witnessed by members of the public and the processes are seamless.

However, the taskforce chairperson, Shola Jejeloye, he does not determine the fate of seized vehicles, adding that his role as a police officer is to carry out enforcement exercises, which include confiscation of vehicles for traffic offences and handing them over to mobile court for judgment.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians whose relatives have been victims of the traffic offenders have taken to social media to justify the action of Lagos State government especially because the action will teach many of such people (offenders) lesson.

A tweep, Tunde Aluko tweeted, “My uncle died after almost 4 years of total memory loss, he remembered nothing till his last day, he was knocked down by someone riding against traffic.

“If your vehicle is impounded for driving against traffic or you’re even jailed for life, zero sympathy!”

Another tweep, Darlene commented, “My cousin was on Okada late last month, this soul driving against traffic killed him and the Okada man and sped off into the air.

“People should buy those vehicles for farthing even, like you said zero sympathy. People are just wicked,” she added.

Lammillionaire commented, “My sister died 5 years ago in similar situation, just a day after she graduated from UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN. 

“She was coming back from church but was knocked down by someone running against traffic also drunk according to what we heard.”

Ogbeni_Skrtel said, “My leader’s brother-in-law was knocked down by a car driving against traffic over a year ago. It’s to the glory of God that the Ẹgbọn is still alive and as at that, he can’t walk by himself again till today. 

“Hard for me to say the punishment is too severe mehn.”

Amaka asserted, “It’s a simple traffic violation till you have to deal with the outcome of someone’s stupidity. 

“One of my patients is a 8yr old boy who was knocked down by “simple traffic violator” in Lagos on his way back from school. 

“Has volksmans ischemic contracture as a complication,” she tweeted.

Odin commented, “Just yesterday my principal lost his uncle exactly the same way. Yes, let the law take it course.”


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