Asari Dokubo

Pipeline surveillance: Tread softly, Ijaw leader warns Asari

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An Ijaw leader, Dr Clarkson Aribogha, has called on Alhaji Asari Dokubo to “sheath his sword and opt for peace with his fellow Ijaw brother, Chief Government Ekpemukpolo, aka Tompolo.”

Aribogha made the call amid controversy over the N4bn pipeline surveillance contract awarded by the Federal Government to Tompolo, an ex-militant warlord and former commander of the defunct Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta.

“You cannot destroy the house you have built. It is better not to get involved than get started, because there are more rivers to cross. It is better to align with Tompolo than declaring war against him,” he stated.

Arigbogha, a legal practitioner, while addressing journalists in Warri on Friday, expressed concern over the pipeline surveillance contract and advised Dokubo to “tread softly over the issue; else he may take the wrong step.”

He decried what he tagged an emotional outburst by Dokubo against his fellow Ijaw brother, querying rhetorically whether it was an “Ijaw national struggle or Kalabari struggle or personality egoistic struggle.”

According to him, the hard line posture, if not halted, may lead Dokubo to soil his integrity.

The Ijaw leader explained that the pipeline surveillance contract should not be likened to ‘Manna from heaven’, adding, “The Federal Government never gives contracts to someone sitting at home, an uninterested person, or to someone who never applied.”


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