Overtime faulty leadership recruitment processes

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Assessment Poll platform is here to feel up the fault lines created overtime by faulty, non democratic and non credible leadership recruitment processes and entrench a new order where intelligence and administrative competence become the basis of candidates assessment and subsequent recruitment into administrative positions.

A new order where public opinion matters, where every vote counts and in real time, where disenfranchisement of eligible participants is impossible, where votes can not be manipulated from the system backend and where everyone can participate from the comfort of their homes with phones and computers.

A system where candidates can test their public acceptability before venturing into campaigns, through unrestricted opinion polls and self assessments guided by artificial intelligence to checkmate human biases.

This is just a little of what Assessment Poll has brought to SUGs, Professional Bodies, Trade Unions, Associations, Independent Journalist, Individuals etc.

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Assessment Poll! Competent choice, good leadership.

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