‘Old persons shouldn’t be made redundant’

‘Old persons shouldn’t be made redundant’

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A medical expert has advised citizens not to allow old persons to be redundant in their daily lives as this may predispose them to chronic diseases and stress-related diseases associated with the ageing process.

According to a statement on Sunday, the guest speaker, Dr Omolara Aderemi, gave this advice during an event to commemorate the 2022 United Nations Organisation’s Day for Older Persons held at the Ikeja Local Government Secretariat.

She said, “Due to the inequalities in the society, older persons are rendered redundant in social and economic activities thereby making them vulnerable to many chronic and stress-related diseases in the ageing process. When older persons are allowed to be resilient they are happier, healthier, and become useful economically and socially both to themselves and their communities.

“In general, this remarkable quality, resilience, is a key factor in facilitating healthy and satisfactory ageing. Nonetheless, several studies reveal that resilience in older persons is a major protective factor against life stressors and a positive indicator of better health and quality of life.”

In his remarks, the Secretary General of the United Nations Association of Nigeria, Dr Oluremi Olutimo, said the theme of the 2022 UNIDOP was to recognise the contributions of older females to development.

“UNIDOP is an invitation to action and opportunity to enhance the voice of older women, to appreciate the vital contributions of older women, and supporting the inclusion of their voices, perspectives, and needs are critical to creating meaningful policies to enhance a holistic response to local, national and global challenges,” he said.


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