Nobody has taken my place in music – General Pype

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Reggae artiste, Olayiwola Majekodunmi, aka General Pype, has said nobody has been able to take his place in the industry. He told Saturday Beats, “In my opinion, being absent almost sounded like I have been living on a different planet and we know that is not the case. I have been watching the arrival or discovery of different talents and platforms.

“The truth is that I have been working on my craft the whole time although I have been keeping it to myself and my close buddies. Another fact is that nobody has been able to take my spot in the industry and all I need to do is just take it at will. Hence, there is no reason to play catch up.”

He also explained the reason for his absence in the industry, saying, “I took some time out for my family and some personal improvement ventures like going back to school and earning a few degrees and certificates. Presently, I am promoting some singles, while mixing and mastering the album.

“Naturally there is a level of maturity that comes with being an originator. There is a level of self-awareness, appreciation and self-respect. Priorities and prerogatives are different from what it was. I want to believe that the biggest moments of my career have yet to come.”


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