NBA targets seamless fan engagements, launches new app

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The National Basketball Association has announced the launch of the reimagined global application all-in-one designed for fans of every team.

The NBA said the new app became imperative in line with its commitment to deepened seamless fans engagements.

The NBA Executive Vice President, Direct-to-Consumer, Chris Benyarko, said the new app would change the way fans engage with the league daily.

“Launching our new NBA App and digital platform is a major milestone as we continue to build and strengthen our direct-to-consumer offerings.

“We are thrilled to deliver a reimagined product that will enhance and personalize the way NBA fans engage with the league on a daily basis,” Benyarko said at the launch of the reimagined app.

According to him, the application which is free to download will provide wall-to-wall content from every NBA game and feature social-style vertical video, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to players and teams, new and existing shows and series, and access to the NBA vault for free.

He said the NBA also launched an ID, the league’s new global membership program offering fans benefits and rewards from the league, teams and its partners.

He noted that the NBA ID, which is free to join, will link a fan’s experiences across existing products like NBA League Pass and NBA Pick’Em.

“Throughout the season, NBA ID members will get access to new original content and fan favorites from the NBA vault.

“The league’s direct-to-consumer subscription offerings – NBA League Pass and NBA TV – will be integrated into the NBA App, giving fans the ability to watch live games and highlights and check scores, statistics and standings, all in one place,” Benyarko explained.


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