Jerry Omole

My marriage…with Jerry Omole

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How did you meet your wife?

I met her in her church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, when I was invited as a guest minister at their convention. On the last day of the programme, I stepped down to say hi to the sound engineers and appreciate them for a job well done. Then I saw a beautiful fair lady neatly dressed. She was the children’s teacher then. We exchanged pleasantries and she asked if I was born again and I affirmed that I am. We exchanged contact and the rest is history.

When did you marry?

We got married in September 2012.

Did you marry before you became known?

No, not at all though I had started my ministry back then at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State campus. From there I moved to Abuja and then Lagos where I was invited to the programme where I met my wife. It was after that I became more popular.

Has fame affected your marriage in any way?

Yes, the unnecessary pressure and expectation people place on one because one is a celebrity. Some people believe there are certain things one should have or acquire spontaneously as a star. It’s not just the fans that place this absurd expectation but also one’s family members. They see me attend shows and tour abroad and expect that I should have millions. The expectation is not placed on me alone but also on my wife. In the early years of our marriage, someone had asked her to lend them N5m and we wondered where they expected us to get that amount of money from.

I remember that in less than a year of my marriage, my mum told me that we should have got our own house, stating that what we were paying on the Island for rent was too much. So the pressure and unnecessary expectations are there. People want you to defy the process, jump from where you are, and be up there. I am a man of process and I believe God takes one through that for a purpose.

Is your wife musically inclined?

No, she is not. She doesn’t sing or play any musical instrument. But having been around me over the years, she has developed a good sense of music appreciation. She knows when music is good. She can tell if what I play is good or not.

Describe your wife in three sentences

My wife is a rare breed. She is supportive. She is a home builder.

How do you balance your career and home?

I try to carry my wife along in everything I do. She is aware of every project I undertake. Whenever I’m home, I make myself available for them. I make out time for my kids and make sure they are happy. I ensure they feel my presence even when I am away. When I’m not home, we utilise video calls to communicate and organise our family fellowship/devotion together both morning and night. That way, they understand what I’m doing. My kids can tell you what I do at any time. They know when I’m on a musical tour, playing at an event, or teaching at the saxophone hub.

What’s your advice to young and intending couples?

The first thing I will advise them to do is to marry their friend. My marriage clocked 10 years a few days ago and I must say it feels like 10 days. Everything still feels fresh and it seemed like yesterday when I asked the young girl out to be my wife. This is because we are friends. Also, they should look out for red flags.


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