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Misconduct: SOKAPU removes national youth coordinator

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The National Executive Committee of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, Youths Wing, on Friday removed Isaac Sirjay as its National Youths coordinator.

Addressing journalists during a press briefing at the Union Secretariat in Kaduna, the coordinator of Kauru branch, Simon Mijimre, said the NEC, having vested with the power of the constitution on page 24, section 27 sub-section X, had on 20th September removed the National Youths Wing Coordinator over gross indiscipline which was detrimental to the progress of the Union.

Mijimre said, “Following the impeachment of Comrade Isaac John, his Assistant, Mr. Katuka Jerry, was automatically elevated to the seat in an acting capacity, but he later chose to disclaim and distance himself from the decision of the NEC.

“One week after issuing the President with the communiqué without hearing from the CEC, some concerned NEC members of the youth wing sought audience with the National President, Mr. Dio Maisamari, to ascertain whether any action was taken with respect to the communiqué.

“The National President, Mr. Dio, told them in his opening speech that he had not yet gone through the communiqué ever since he received it but that he handed it over to the legal team of the union to study its content.

“The decision of the mother body was later made public on 3rd September 2022, in a press statement which suspended the activities of the youth wing with immediate effect, stating that “No official of the youth wing should parade his office for either personal or official engagement with anyone or group, pending the resolution of issues at stake.

“A seven-man committee was constituted and was given 2 weeks to submit the report to the mother body, instructing them to keep away from making further comments on social media and conventional mass media on the matter until it comes out with its resolution on the matter.

“The statement maintained that disciplinary action awaits any person who violates these directives.”

Mijimre lamented that less than 24 hours after the official press statement by the mother body, the Public Relations Officer of the Youths Wing, Ernest Thyek Maidawa, issued a counter press release rubbishing the efforts of the mother ody before the public calling the suspension a misplaced priority.

“Subsequently, there were series of press statements; appearances in the public in the name of SOKAPU by the former Coordinator and above all held a meeting with some of his cohorts at the Secretariat where according to him they formed a political committee,” he said.

He explained that the meeting between the grievance committee and the CEC of the youths with few NEC members in attendance on 13th September 2022 has proven beyond reasonable doubts that the former National Youths Coordinator, John Isaac, goofed and cannot counter any of those allegations leveled against him, but he, however, succeeded in apportioning blames to the immediate past national president of the National body of the union, Hon. Jonathan Asake, encourage him to pick just a few among his executives and work with them.

In his speech, the acting National Coordinator of the Youths Wing, Comrade. Luka Augustine Duniya, promised to work in accordance to tenets of the constitution toward uplifting the Southern Kaduna region.

Reacting to the impeachment saga, the former youths wing national publicity Secretary, Comrade. Ernest Thyek Maidawa, said the impeachment by the NEC was baseless and has no place in the Union’s constitution.

He said the only person that has the power to call for a NEC meeting was the BOT chairman.


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