Anthony Joshua

Joshua suggests live scorecards in boxing

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Two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has suggested that boxing could change its rules to introduce live scorecards during fights.

The 32-year-old has been outpointed by Ukrainian heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk in their last two fights.

Joshua has now said live scorecards could show how fights are playing out as they go on, meaning boxers know how many of the remaining rounds they need to win, or if they need to score a knockdown.

In the fight against Usyk, if he had known for a fact that he was down on the cards, it could have encouraged Joshua to search harder for a knockout in the later stages of the bout.

As it stands in boxing, the judges scorecards currently remain a mystery until the fight winner is announced.

But Joshua has now suggested that knowing how the scores stood round-by-round would create a more competitive environment within the ring.

He wrote on Instagram, “In so many sports you know who’s winning as the game is progressing.

“In a sense it creates a very competitive environment.”

Joshua asked for people’s thoughts on introducing visible scorecards so the proceedings of a fight is clear as the rounds progress.

He continued, “Should boxing introduce live (visible) scorecards so you know, what you need to know, in order to win.”


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