Ikoyi Club, groups make case for clean air

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Collaborators in the Dawn Project and the Ikoyi Club 1938 have called on individuals, organisations and corporate bodies to incorporate measures to ensure clean air and achieve a net zero carbon emission in the environment.

A collaborator of the Dawn Project, Dr Pamela Ajayi, made this call on Wednesday during a tree-planting exercise to commemorate the 2022 World Zero Emissions Day in Ikoyi.

Ajayi added that the choice of the Ikoyi 1938 Golf Club as the site for the tree planting initiative was important because it has one of the largest green spaces in Lagos.

She said, “Emissions are something that is all around us; they come from carbon, generators, cars and these trees help to sequester this carbon and soak the toxic emissions and help us to breathe better. This is why the Dawn Project, the Tree Preservation Society, and the Green Belt Movement Nigeria decided to embark on this tree planting exercise in the Ikoyi Club 1938 to highlight net zero emission.

“The first thing to know is where the emissions come from, and around the world, people are reducing their use of fossil fuels which include diesel and petrol. Wherever we can, we need to start thinking of alternative sources of energy, for example, the use of electric cars. These alternatives will yield much creativity if we start to explore them. The same applies to a lot of industries. They need to look into what they are using, how to reduce their toxic fumes and clean up the air.”

Ikoyi Club 1938, Chairman, Dr Ademola Mumuney, noted that the tree planting project would continue for the next five years.

“Environmental issues necessitate tree planting because they reduce emissions and it is a good thing that the Dawn Project is donating 40 trees today to the golf section of Ikoyi Club, and they promise to sustain this initiative for the next five years. The greenery will help to sustain life and the environment,” he said.

A member of the Tree Preservation Society, Mimi Ade-Odiachi, said, “We noticed that a lot of trees here have fallen over the years so we decided to replenish the trees because these are the ‘lungs of the city.”

A collaborator of the Dawn Project and the Chairman of Punch Nigeria Limited, Mrs Angela Emuwa, lamented the degradation of the environment over the years and called for tree-planting initiatives across the state and the country.


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