I get odd remarks for singing trending songs – Actor

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Actor, Jude Chukwuka, has said that he gets odd remarks for singing trending songs. He told Sunday Scoop, “I get weird remarks from the older generation when I sing the songs from this present generation. The remarks are mostly from my contemporaries and that is my biggest problem because there is a massive disconnect between my generation and the Gen Z generation. Some people must try to create a link where winning is transferred from one generation to another.’’

Speaking on actors who thrive on fake lives, he said, “I do not live my life based on the pressures of society. I live my life as I please. You can’t take that (being fake) out of every society. Actors’ cases are just obvious because they are in the public eye.

“Many people live fake lives, and it is a function of either inferiority or superiority complex. I am proud of who I am. People who live fake lives are those who do not have self confidence. I would rather live in my own reality and get to a point where I can afford all the things I desire. However, I can’t run after these things to validate my stardom.”

On the influence of entertainers in society, he said, “Entertainers do not know the kind of power they possess. Or, perhaps they know but are using it for personal purposes. If artistes come to the realisation that music has a stronger influence than even the law, they will begin to apply it to better society.”

Also, he spoke about his experience as a father. He said, “I am enjoying fatherhood. The challenges as a father have just started (laughs). It’s a bundle of activities. My son is almost nine months old. He is crawling all over the place and nobody is allowed to use the TV when he is watching, (laughs).


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