Kachi Ucheagwu

I dumped friends pressuring me to be fake — Kachi

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A co-winner of the debut season of the Ultimate Love reality TV show, Kachi Ucheagwu, simply known as Kachi, has recounted to Sunday Scoop how his friends once pressured him to lead a fake life.

He said, “I have been pressured several times to keep up appearances, and that was largely due to the nature of friends I kept. They did not want me to repeat clothes, buy thrift wears (second-hand), or attend certain occasions. They were also the ones who determined what I wore and who I spoke to. The pressure became so unbearable, that I started losing sight of who I was. I had to cut off from those friends to regain my sanity.”

Recalling some things he had to do due to the pressures of fame, he said, “I was pressured not to eat from ‘mama put’ (local restaurants). I lived in an apartment of N3.5m, which I later had to review. I was pressured to drive certain cars, and wear (only)new clothes, but I immediately reconsidered all that when my savings started dwindling.

“There is ‘nothing’ I cannot do now, because if I am hungry today, no one is going to feed me. For instance, I still board okada or keke (tricycle) to remote areas. I also comfortably wear second-hand (okrika) clothes, without anyone knowing. I go to the grocery myself too, all in a bid to break away from that celebrity status which had kept me confined for far too long.”

On why he recently gave out cash to persons who had their permanent voters’ card, Kachi stated that it was his contribution to the political and electoral process.


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