Sahara Centre for the Advancement of Culture and Tourism

Firm presents report to boost tourism, leisure

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A  culture and tourism company, Sahara Centre for the Advancement of Culture and Tourism, is collaborating with the Lagos Urban Development Initiative to unveil a report about Lagos residents’ perspectives on recreation, leisure and tourism. The report includes insights that can provide sources of reflection for designers, architects, urban planners, real estate developers and policy makers.

In the pilot edition of the project, Lagos Island was selected for its economic and socio-cultural importance, Afro-Brazilian heritage, and historical value.

The Research Director of the organisation, Adun Okupe, stated that the project started long before the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of making Lagos a more livable city.

She said, “We engaged a tour guide, who is an architect that understands the Afro-Brazilian heritage. We also had interns from the University of Lagos. We conducted different surveys featuring visitors to the state, residents and business people. We looked at key hotspots and visited them on different days of the week. The people were happy that their opinions were sought. They remembered with nostalgia many provisions that were there for them, such as community spaces.”

On her part, the Executive Director of the Lagos Urban Development Initiative, Olamide Ejorh, explained the rationale for publishing the report. She said, “Elections are coming up next year, and we know that the economy is plummeting. Unfortunately, the people are not being heard and this is what stifles development and urban planning.

“This report highlights the fact that people are involved in all these decision making processes. Hence, it talks about how we can bring people together, understand their wants and needs, and how they want to use space.”


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