Dapo Abiodun

Family seeks Ogun gov’s intervention in kingmakers’ crisis

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The Bajomo ruling family in the Ado-Odo Kingdom in Ogun State has appealed to the state governor, Dapo Abiodun, for his intervention to halt what it described as the fraudulent installation of kingmakers to the Olofin of Ado-Odo.

A lawyer representing the ruling family, Kabir Alagbe, disclosed this during a telephone interview with The PUNCH on Sunday, adding that the unlawful appointments of the two kingmakers became public knowledge after the death of Oba Lateef Akanni.

Alagbe also noted that the kingmakers, who claimed to have been issued the certificates, have refused to submit them for scrutiny by the community.

He said, “The state government should review the list of kingmakers that is tainted with allegations of forgery. The late Oba L.A. Akanni, who reigned between May 2009 and January 2022, was alleged to have issued out certificates to a stranger, Isiaka Musibaudeen as the Bajomo of Ado, contrary to the Chieftaincy Law of 1958 vide Section 4(2) which provides for a meeting presided by the Head of Bajomo ruling house in nominating the candidate(s) for the vacant stool of Bajomo which wasn’t done.

“I hail from Bajomo ruling house and at no time was Isiaka Musibaudeen nominated as the Bajomo, not to talk of his purported installation by Oba Akanni, who since he left Ado in 2013, didn’t enter Ado until December 20, 2020.”

“The second appointment was the alleged installation of one Tajudeen Adekunjo as the Oga Ilu Oke Osi quarter Ado, a kingmaker that oversees over 50 different families. They went ahead claiming that the late Olofin issued certificates to Bajomo, Oga ilu Oke Osi and Iraa – Timothy Adedire before he died.

“But the leaders of Ori Egbe-Orita Merin are saying none of the two chiefs alluded to earlier, Bajomo and Oga Ilu, were traditionally installed in Ado in tandem with customary rites.”

No kingmaker can be installed without their knowledge, which is a condition precedent to the emergence of title or kingmakers.

“Critics are of the view that the unlawful appointments of Bajomo Musibaudeen and Tajudeen Adekunjo as kingmakers became public knowledge during the 40th day Fidau prayer of the late Olofin Akanni on February 20, 2022, and not before he passed on. We want a system that will allow our people to choose their leaders.”


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