Electoral system failure

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The endemic corruption of Nigerians will never allow a credible and transparent election using either manual or semi manual voting system. Competence of the electoral body’s management is determined by their choice of process and extent of technology involvement in conducting election.

Considering our antecedence and circumstances, anything in short of 100% electronic voting is waste of tax payers money. The monies being spent on ballots materials, advoc staff, logistics , security and personnel can be saved for basic infrastructure since cyber security companies can not charge 0.5% of it to safeguard the online process.

In furtherance of Nigeria democracy, any electoral system that will not involve 100% electronic voting should be dead on arrival.

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  1. The truth remains that, the powers that be does not want anything to work in the country, as such to permeate their evil and corrupt ways. We know what to do as a country but have refused to do it.

  2. Well said.i am an advocate of positive change that all Nigerian youths agitated for before the birth of failed feb25th presidential election.
    Many of youths have lost hope in the electoral process ,some have even denied there Nigeria citizenship.
    The question is when and how do we get it right in this country?
    We must take the bull by it’s horn and call a spade a spade without fear of favor.The time is now

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