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Confusion as Biggie introduces new ‘house’

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OGHENOVO EGODO-MICHAEL writes about the notable moments in the eighth week of the ongoing Big Brother Naija (Level Up) reality TV show

Day 51: Doyin, Chomzy, Eloswag ‘evicted’

Doyin, Chomzy and Eloswag were evicted from the Level Up house. However, as opposed to the norm, the evicted housemates did not completely leave the Big Brother house. Rather, they were retained as ‘guests’ in a new house created for them and dubbed ‘Level Three’. Meanwhile, the show’s host, Ebuka, revealed to viewers that though the trio had been evicted, they were not aware of their fates.

Day 52: Phyna wins HOH

Phyna was excited as she bagged the Head of House title for the first time. After Chomzy, Phyna became the second female Head of House on the show. Phyna was given a chance to select a roommate and she quickly picked Groovy. Based on her status as HOH, Phyna is immune to the next eviction.

Day 53: Bella, Phyna fight dirty

Phyna was rewarded with a movie night alongside two of her guests— Groovy and Bryan. To their surprise, they met the recently-evicted housemates when they went to the location prepared for them. The housemates got into a conversation on what would happen during their reunion, which would come up months after the show.

Later that day, Phyna and Bella got into a dirty fight that got their love interests, Groovy and Sheggz respectively taking sides. The issue escalated when Phyna asked Bella who raised her (as a child).

Day 54: Doyin, Allyson reconcile

Doyin and Allyson reconciled following an altercation the duo had because of Allyson’s lack of empathy for Doyin’s eviction. The two ended their fight with a big hug after thrashing out their issues.

Some of the housemates had a diary session today. During Chizzy’s time talking to Biggie, he admitted that he has a crush on Doyin. Groovy also noted that Chizzy missed Doyin and he was miserable when she was evicted.

Day 55: Biggie treats housemates to movie night

Big Brother gave some of the housemates tickets to go on a Showmax movie date. Chichi, Phyna, Groovy, Eloswag and Sheggz were the lucky housemates who enjoyed the ‘gift’. Bella was sad that she could not go with Sheggz for the date. Rachel also expressed displeasure at her exemption from the movie date, even though she had earlier purchased a ticket.

In a conversation after the movie night, Chomzy questioned Phyna’s loyalty to Beauty for going after her (Beauty’s) love interest— Groovy— barely a week after she was evicted. When they returned to the HOH lounge, Phyna expressed her displeasure towards Chomzy’s accusation. Groovy reassured her that she had done nothing wrong………..

Day 56: Housemates win weekly wager

The housemates won their wager task in the Friday Arena games after different groups made presentations of art pieces to show the usability of recycled plastic. The title of this week’s wager task was, The Green Earth. The housemates presented five artistic pieces which included a recycling robot, a chair made with plastic bottles, turtles made with plastic, a water filter and an eco-friendly home.

Later on, Biggie ‘finally’ granted Bella and Sheggz a romantic date, and this made up for the movie night they could not attend together. The lovebirds were visibly happy and had a great time

Day 57: Housemates reconcile

Phyna, Chomzy and Rachel got together in the kitchen, laughing and chattering as they tasted the okra soup that Bella prepared for the housemates. It seemed like they had moved past last week’s differences, which was caused by food shortage in the house.

The housemates later took part in the Waw task. For the task, housemates were instructed to do draw paintings that highlight specific moments in their lives.

To crown the week, the housemates had a lovely time at the Saturday night party.


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