Before stardom with… Nina Shezz

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How did your journey into music begin?

When I was 18 years old, I joined a particular church and I was a part of the workers in training. Then I had the opportunity to sing in church. In church, we usually had a superstar who knew how to sing well. That Sunday, she wasn’t around so I offered to lead a song nobody wanted to take up. When I sang, everyone started asking, “Who is this? Where did she come from?” That was the turning point for me before I joined an academy. After the academy, I started singing my own songs, doing freestyle with beats, and uploading on social media. A couple of people shared my songs and then Frank Edwards reached out to me on social media. I was shocked at first and was second-guessing if it was his real handle. I started working with him and released my first song. That was the second turning point for me. I released a five-track extended play on my birthday and I have three other singles. That’s how my musical journey started.

What career part did you have in mind initially?

I wanted to be a medical doctor. Though with music, I’m still a doctor since people get healed through my music.

Were your parents supportive when you told them about the career switch?

Yes, they were supportive. They even got the conviction more than I did. My parents are my number one cheerleaders. They paid for the academy to help me sharpen my career.

What inspired your stage name, ‘Nina Shezz’?      

It was a friend in Paris that gave it to me when I was 18. He usually gave his female friends a nickname. He gave me Nina Shezz because it fits my personality. When I met Frank Edwards, he asked what my stage name would be and I adopted that.

What project brought you into the limelight?

It was Eledumare which was my second single released in 2021. I released Unconditional Love later that year. At the moment it is Ayo that is trending out of the five tracks I just released.

Why did you choose gospel music?

It’s the vision I had that made me choose gospel music and that is what has been sustaining me regardless of challenges. I believe it is God that chose it for me and brought me to where I am today. Music chose me. I didn’t choose music. I never had the thought that I would be an artiste.

How do you handle advances from male fans?

I always appreciate them when they give me a compliment. I have a lot of male friends/fans but I don’t let the fan-based relationship go beyond that. I try to reply to their comments nicely. I do not shun them because they are still the ones that will listen to one’s music.

Are you still friends with those you knew before stardom?

I am still friends with those I knew from day one. Stardom has not changed my personality. I am who I have always been despite travelling around the world.

What is your advice to up-and-coming artistes?

They should hold onto God because He is the giver of all gifts. As long as He is the one that gave you the gift, He will make a way for you. Though, it might take time because He is preparing for you for the limelight so you don’t mess up when you get there.


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