BBN: Phyna tipped to win, Bryann, Adekunle hopeful

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The Big Brother Level Up Season has seen 18 housemates walk in and out of the show so far. While Deji and Modella were fake housemates, Chizzy and Rachel are riders who can only compete but not win the cash prize. With Adekunle, Bella, Bryan, Daniella, Phyna and Chichi as the last standing housemates, Sunday Scoop takes a look at possible winners


Many people have regarded Phyna as the alpha female on this season of the show. She often claims she is from the street and has been able to worm her way into the hearts of many persons by just being herself.

She is one of the three female housemates that have won the Head of House title. This shows that she is one contestant to beat for the grand prize.

Interestingly, she has brought the content that many viewers signed up for with her many altercations and love triangles in the house. She has a huge fan base outside of the house and many think she might be the second female housemate, after Mercy Eke, to emerge the winner of the show.


Bryann is one of those housemates that have many fans from his first day on the show. Aside being a creative person, his musical prowess has attracted many persons to him. Also, he has been described as one with a good personality and is not one to start unnecessary troubles in the house. He has also shown good friendship on the show and this has stood him out too.


Some persons did not expect Adekunle to get to the finals  considering the number of times that he was put up for eviction. However, he has never been on the bottom of the voting polls. He is a creative and smart person. Although calm, he is very strategic and competitive. He has also won the Head of House title once.

…Last week in BBN Level Up House

Day 65: Sheggz, Hermes and Groovy evicted

Sheggz, Hermes and Groovy were evicted from the Level Up house. Those who made it to the final are Adekunle, Bella, Brian, Daniella, Phyna, Chichi and the riders – Chizzy and Rachel. While Chichi, Phyna and Daniella have won their way to the finals, the riders will only be competing till the final day but will not be eligible to win the N100m worth of prizes.

Day 66: Bella and Phyna draw close

Since the beginning of the Level Up edition, Bella and Phyna have never been close friends and they have had some disagreements on the show. However, with the eviction of their love interests, Sheggz and Groovy, both of them formed a new bond. They had dinner together and reminisced on the times they both shared with their evicted partners.

Chizzy became the head of house after winning the HOH task for the week

Day 67: Chichi and Phyna resolve issues

During Phyna’s bonding session with Chichi, she opened up on her anger towards Chichi for making advances to Groovy. This caused them to have a disagreement but they eventually worked things out.

The housemates also had a dairy session where they identified their biggest competition at this stage of the show.

Day 68:  Housemates reminiscence

Adekunle and Chichi talked about their time in the house when they were part of level one. Both of them opened up on the fact that they were displeased to be a part of that house when the game was still divided into different levels. Adekunle stated that he did not completely enjoy being a level one housemate, because it took more from him than it gave him. Chichi agreed, adding that she was always displeased at being in level one.

Day 69: HOH wins Innoson task

Rider Chizzy, who is the current Head of House, won a brand new car after he participated in the Innoson task. The task required the housemates to spell out the words, ‘Innoson IVM Connect’ using a set of balloons that had alphabets written on them. The housemates found the alphabets excluding the letter ‘T’. Eventually, Chizzy found the balloon with the alphabet and this made him emerge as the winner. Since Chizzy and the other rider, Rachel, are not eligible to compete for the grand prize, winning the task was a big deal for Chizzy.

Day 70: Finalists wine, dine with Ebuka

Anytime Ebuka shows up in the house, we know he is definitely up to something. Today, the housemates were perplexed and excited at the same time when Ebuka joined them in the house for a special feast.

After the feast, Ebuka announced to the housemates that it was actually an eviction night. He also announced the eviction of Rachel and Chizzy from the show. This left housemates confused on who is a real or fake housemate.

Day 71: Final Saturday party

Housemates are all in a party mood. After such a long time in the house, most of them are excited that they would be leaving to meet their family members and friends once again.

During the week, Bryan said he was tired of dealing with his pet peeves in the house and could not wait to go home after the finals on Sunday.

Housemates later had their final Saturday night party with singers, Aituaje Iruobe aka Waje and Omawunmi Megbele, as special guests.


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