BBN: Housemates inch closer to N100m prize

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Oghenovo Egodo-Michael highlights the happenings in the ninth week of the ongoing Big Brother Naija (Level Up) reality show

Day 58: Allysyn, Dotun, Level 3 ‘guests’ go home

Allysyn and Dotun were the 15th and 16th housemates to be evicted from the BBNaijaLevel Up house respectively, last Sunday. The level three house guests, Doyin, Chomzy and Eloswag also faced their final eviction and exit from the level three house. While on stage, Eloswag and Chomzy said that they would like to continue their relationship outside the house.

Day 59: Chichi makes it to final, saves Bella and Daniella

Since Allysyn left the BBNaija house, Hermes had withdrawn to himself and hardly mingles freely with others. During her stay in the house, the duo had a romantic relationship but Allysyn expressed her reservations about their relationship because Hermes already had two girlfriends.

In the Head of House games this week, Chichi won and automatically made it to the finale. She also got the supreme veto power which enabled her to nominate two housemates that would make it to the finale with her. She saved Phyna and Daniella. Also, she chose Chizzy to share the HOH room with her.

Day 60: Rachel seeks clarity from Adekunle

During the last eviction night, Adekunle said that he would like to know Daniella better after Ebuka had asked him what his intention with her was. This statement made Rachel uncomfortable because Adekunle had shown interest in her. She also told him that she felt disrespected that he publicly showed interest in Daniella after saying he liked her (Rachel). Adekunle ended the conversation when he asked Rachel if she liked him and she insisted that she was not interested in him.

Day 61: Chichi and Bella engage in war of words

As the HOH, Chichi has been doing everything within her power to ensure that the housemates win their last wager task for this season of the show. Bella annoyed Chichi in the process of their task and Chichi expressed her displeasure to her. This escalated into a heated argument. As expected, Sheggz stepped in to settle them but Chichi told him not to get involved in women matters. She also called Bella an empty head.

Day 62: Phyna, Bella seek clarity

Phyna and Groovy; and Bella and Sheggz’s ships are the only ones that have stood the test of time on this season of the show. While Sheggz has constantly been assuring Bella that he wants to continue their relationship outside the house, Phyna still seems to be unsure of her stance with Groovy. She asked Groovy to define their relationship but he chose not to answer the question.

Day 63: Housemates have final wager task

The housemates have been practicing for their final wager task and they were keen on preventing the food shortage that would likely happen in the house if they do not win the task this week. Unfortunately for the housemates, Biggie was not pleased with their task presentation. He kept the housemates in suspense and later said that the judgment for their task will not be given immediately. He later told them that they lost the wager task.

Day 64: Good vibes Saturday

Despite their loss during the wager task, the housemates kicked off their day with good vibes in a game of ‘truth and dare’.

Phyna and Chizzy got into an argument which started when Chizzy accused her of fighting for Groovy after he confronted him (Groovy) for not doing his chores.

Thereafter, the housemates engaged in a Lipton task and had their usual Saturday night party where they unwind.


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