Bashir explains why he made film about cultists

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Actor and filmmaker, Ibrahim Bashir, has said that his new movie titled, ‘Four Lions’, was inspired by some of the negative results he had seen in the lives of cultists, including some people who were close to him.

He also said that making movies in Nigeria is not easy but he is grateful to God that he and his team were able to manage the production and stay within their budget for the movie.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the actor said, “The story was inspired by some individuals who are close to me who had been involved in cult activities while we were in school. I picked things from the different experiences they shared with me. I did not have such experience personally but their stories were quite touching, as they faced some form of violence. I felt the need to educate people so that they can see the negative effects that cultism has on families and society at large.

He also spoke on the need for people to help one another in the industry. He said, “The industry is very big and there is enough space for everyone to flourish. I am not competing with anyone. Rather, we should help one another to get better. It is also important for one to constantly improve on one’s talents. There are professional courses I want to study and I learn from my mentors we well.”

Bashir, who has released two movies in 12 months, maintained that he is constantly inspired to do better than his last project. He said, “I get inspiration from daily interactions with friends, families, and other loved ones. As a scriptwriter, whenever I hear someone’s story, especially if it is good and laden with moral lessons, I get inspired to share it with a larger number of people. The most important thing is that I want my movies to always have a positive impact on society.”


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