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Auction: Transport laws under review, says Lagos AG

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The Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Lagos State, Moyosore Onigbanjo, has said that the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law (2018) is undergoing a review by the Lagos State House of Assembly for amendment.

Onigbanjo said this Tuesday while appearing on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, monitored by our correspondent.

He said, “The Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law is currently being reviewed by the state House of Assembly and amendments will be in place as soon as possible.

“This issue of driving against traffic has become such a nuisance, such a danger, and such a menace to society that something drastic has to be done, and the legislators at that time imposed these penalties.

“There is a process to amend the law so people can go up to their representatives in the state house of assembly and make agitations that in our view, this is draconian and we think you should change the law. That could kick-start the process but ongoing right now, there is a process to review the law.”

Emotions ran high last Thursday as abandoned and forfeited vehicles were auctioned by the Lagos State Government at the Task Force Yard, Ikeja. Some of those who attended the public sale included drivers whose vehicles were seized for disobeying traffic laws.

The event was filled with different dramas from bidders and businessmen who came solely for business purposes.

The Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law 2018 noted that anyone who drives in a direction prohibited by the law or neglects traffic direction will have to forfeit the vehicle as a fine and, in addition, serve one-year imprisonment for a first-time offender and three years imprisonment for second-time offenders.

Auctioning forfeited and abandoned vehicles by the state government is not new, and reports dating back to 2019 showed that the state has been tenacious in prosecuting traffic offenders to restore sanity to Lagos roads and unhindered movement of law-abiding motorists.

Though the Lagos AG assured that the laws were being reviewed, he maintained, “The law remains as at today. People should be well-advised not to jeopardise their own interest.”


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