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Atiku healthiest presidential candidate – Ex-gov, Aliyu

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Former Governor of Niger State, Dr Babangida Aliyu, on Monday, described the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, as the healthiest of all the candidates contesting the 2023 presidential election.

Making reference to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu’s latest fitness video currently trending on social media, Aliyu took a swipe at Tinubu who had been absent at some important events, especially the peace pact.

Tinubu had on Sunday, posted a short video of himself on his social media, dismissing alleged health challenges.

In the video posted, he wrote: “Many have said I have died; others claim I have withdrawn from the presidential campaign. Well… Nope. This is the reality: I am strong, I am healthy and I am ready to serve Nigerians from day one.”

However, Aliyu spoke in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, during the declaration of support for Atiku by 20 volunteer groups in South West.

The rally was attended by former governors Ibrahim Shekarau (Kano), Boni Haruna of Adamawa, former acting National Chairman of the PDP, Elder Yemi Akinwunmi, Ogun PDP governorship candidate, Ladi Adebutu, his running mate, Adekunle Akinlade, among other South-West PDP leaders.

The former Niger governor said a medically fit presidential candidate needed no proof by sharing video clip on social media.

Aliyu insisted that “Atiku is the healthiest of the presidential candidates in this country.”

He also declared that Atiku presidency would reclaim Nigeria from Boko Haram, Bandits and other criminal elements.

Aliyu said, “We need security and only an Atiku presidency can reclaim our land from Boko Haram, can reclaim our lands from bandits, from IPOB and all other bad people that are making our lives difficult.

“It is only an Atiku presidency that can restructure Nigeria. There must be a state police so as to ensure security in the local areas, only an Atiku Abubakar presidency can do that.

“The economy, there is extreme poverty in the land, therefore, members of PDP and fellow Nigerians, on the day in February, elect Atiku Abubakar because the development of any nation depends on the education of that country.

“You have seen what has happened to us, today out students in the public universities have been at home for more than seven, eight months. Our secondary schools many of them are so dilapidated that they cannot serve as secondary schools. Our elementary schools, there is no country that has over 20 million children out of school and you expect to be developed, only an Atiku Abubakar presidency can help us solve this problem.

“We have become the poverty capital of the world, that should not be. We are expected to everyday produce 2.1 million barrels of crude oil, but only last month, we were able to produce 900,000, it has gone as low as 600,000. What is happening to the rest, some people are stealing it, are we saying that the current government does not know those who are stealing it? They know, therefore, voting for Atiku Abubakar is saving, rescuing, and developing Nigeria.

“I was looking through newspapers today and I saw a picture of somebody trying to prove he is healthy. If there is health, we don’t need to tell people that we are healthy, but we are aware that Atiku is the healthiest of the presidential candidates in this country.”


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