1952 africa

Arts hub holds exhibition, lauds talents

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Young artists exhibited their works at a recent art exhibition in Lagos as part of activities put together by 1952 Africa, a private space dedicated to authentic African art.

Artists who exhibited their works include Janet Adebayo, Oluwaseun Akinlo, Ademola Ojo, Ntiense, Udom and Jane Ugah.

Speaking during the event, the founder of 1952 Africa, Ejike Egbuagu, stated that the featured artists were selected through a rigorous process; hence, their transformation informed the exhibition of their deepest and darkest moments.

He added, “I am grateful for being able to see artists transformed like this. They have delivered amazing work. They deserve all the applause and support. When they went through the difficult process of being selected, they knew what was in it for them. Some of the artists shared their deepest and darkest moments, during which they created some of these works.”

One of the artists, Akinlo, noted that the experience was amazing. He said, “I feel amazing, exhibiting with other artists, and talking about identity. For the programme, we spent one month for tedious execution, which was about discovering ourselves as artists. The other month was for us to actually create art. We are now in the third month, which is for the execution of our presentations.”


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